Nowhere! A Fair? I laughed.

Why would anyone have a Fair Now? Here?


My companion chuckled.

Perhaps a visit is called for.

Besides there might be some great rides or games to play.

To be a Fair You need Plants and animals ,Grandmas' cooking and cotton candy.

And you gotta have a crowd. A big crowd If you want a Fair worth remembering.

After getting ourselves together we arrived. Sure enough there was a crowd.

A big crowd.

We became so completely absorbed that we became separated.

Perhaps even lost. No worry, we would find ourselves again.

Where to look? Any place I looked, had already been looked at before.

I panicked. How were we to find ourselves in this crowd?

We had gotten dressed up and I don't recall what you were wearing.

Suddenly the Fair took on new proportions. A single booth stood beside a roller coaster Ferris wheel sorta thing. Now the crowd wasn't so big anymore. (exactly enough to fill one rides worth) "Hmm" I thought and the fellow at the booth said "Son, step up first rides on me." He looked real familiar. "God, don't I know you? " I thought. "Look" he said "sit with your companion." "What does it cost for a second time around?" I wondered. "Ask me after the ride is over" he said. "The first ones free anyway." "Glad to see you again my friend. How have you been? Did you miss me?" You looked at me, eyes sparkling. Your face so clear in my mind. And you said, "Quiet your mind, the rides about to begin" With no one to talk to, I spent the beginning of the ride thinking about that fellow, this ride, A Fair in Nowhere. Why did you go again? What did it cost? I looked at you but you were lost in the thrill of the moment. "Incredible" I thought. "Yea" you said. "Awesome. I missed you. Together again" I thought. "Not yet" you said. "Just wait and see what's next".  Sure enough, it was time to hang on. The colors and sights, incredible views. It was awesome, even blissful blues. Music and motion all blended together into a story. With me as the main star. It was great. The most incredible story ever.

The fellow, he's ......... umm.......... His name is ............. This is His story. Wow! "Like it sonny?" he said. "God, what a wonderful, glorious story" I thought. "Thanks for the thought son. Now a second ride doesn't cost much" I look at You standing in line with the crowd. "Practically nothing" the fellow said. "Heck, just ask your friend".
 "Tell me companion " I thought. You were talking to some of the others waiting to ride again. Finally, frustrated, I said. "Dear mate, companion, friend. We have been together forever and you mingle with them. Please help me. I do not understand" The fellow said to some of his workers "Get it packed up, we're moving on to other places, nothing here in Nowhere anyway." You turned and looked at me, your eyes shinned so brightly, I nearly was blinded. "Dear Love" you said. "The fellows name is God. He created this ride. He calls it Life. "A truly awesome story" I thought. "Yes" you said. "Ah, the closeness again" I thought, however,  you never responded, off talking with you friends. Their eyes shone like yours, only dimmer. "Why did you do it" I thought, and waited and listened.

All I heard you say was God this and God that. Finally I said "lets go home".  You looked at me and said "Why? I've got friends, something and somebody to live for" "And what's at home? Just you and me sitting in Nowhere Blissed out all the time" "Come on live a little" "I'll even pay" "See, I've got lots" "God calls it love" "Here, have some" "We get Love once God has started a fire inside of us" The fellow God, looks at me and says "Son, go on" "Your friend has already paid your way" "The glory and excitement, you'll just die the second time through" "You are always in good hands when you come back to Life" Already, I felt different, changed in some way. "What a ride, what a story" I thought. And you were there loving me. It felt good. "Besides you get resurrected" she said. "Companion, mate" I thought, "you've given this fellow..." "God" she said real loud. "You've given Him your essence, your self and he is consuming you with his fire"

"Let us leave" I finally said. You looked at me and laughed "During the second ride through life you'll die for love" "Come on its great" Well he was a nice guy and she had already paid my way, so why not go home I thought. You called to me, "Friend, do not leave me here" "Life really is great" "We can ride forever if we'd like" I gathered myself together and remembered or tried to remember. I sat and pulled myself together at home only to discover something missing. I must have left it at the Fair. I began to wonder, would it be back, what if God never returns, and so many other unanswerable questions. Bliss, I was missing Bliss. I began to re-discover myself and the Nowhere, ever thinking about hows and whys.

Well, I figured it out finally, that fellow God powered the Fair with the energy produced by a secret process. Love was simply the ash left over from the fire burning your essence. I felt horrified. I suppose all God does is set up his Fair and collect unwitting or willing beings. Sets them afire and they want to go through Life. However, it seems new essences must be found because their energy eventually is consumed. Suddenly, as if by magic, the Fair appears. But where is Life?

The crowd is incredible, practically everyone looks like You. How I wondered? "How will I find You ?" "By trying." 
I played some games. Each prize contained a bit of what I was missing. So, I played them all and won all the prizes. The crowd ever while was thinning.

Finally, I won the very last prize and the booth and the fellow appeared with Life written all over it. "Looking for something, somebody ?" he said. "My companion, mate" I thought. "She is mine now, without love She will die" "At least let me see her" I thought. "Certainly," he said. She had been so many forms that I had difficulty focusing. This was not going to be easy. She said "Do I know you ?" "Perhaps we've met before"

I looked into her eyes and returned the Love she had given me so long ago and then I held on tight. While I watched Life running backwards in her eyes. "Welcome home" I thought. "Gods Great Stuff" She said. "Yea" I thought. "How have you been ?" "I don't remember" She said. "I'm tired, lets rest" "By the way where are we now ?" "Nowhere" I thought. She smiled. Being perceived, Blissful thought. "You always figure things out don't you ?" "Sure, its my essence" "Just as yours is to be" A Fair was nice. Wasn't God just wonderful. Such a story, so many things, and Love, Love is the greatest light has been. "Rest" I thought. "We'll remember Life and its high lights." You said "Amen" "Companion, mate, friend and lover" Something new has just begun.



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