A Most Lovely Hello

I believe that the stuff we are made of is 'rich' genetic material pre-disposing us to more deeply touch the earth and feel the reality through the eyes of 'ancient' beings whose archetypes have been 'used' and understood for centuries. Yet our contact has become increasingly abstract .

So much is lost in life when the 'heritage', the 'gift' given by 'our' creators/creations, is not appreciated. The enlightened say so. To be the 'children' of god and not realize the potential. To be 'star dust' and not feel the 'stars' inside us. To be the 'beginning' and anticipate tomorrow. 

Yet who has a better view of 'god', the everything? I wonder that at times. Those who choose to journey 'out' into the world of 'ever land'. Or those who choose to view the light at the edge of  'reality' inside or outside. Perception or Point of view. There in the mighty conundrum dance devils and angels, Saints and daemons, and stories ghaw `lore

Ah, to be one of the players, just once I pleaded. Let me real-eyes the potential and know the awe full wonder.

It must be of some consequence I am at all, most sure, that without the experience, I might not exist.

So hard to tell the story and not re-member the peaces. Loosing my place and having to start all over again, at the title.

Just once it'd be nice to finish without thinking I might be losing.


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