The Day Magick Disappeared

T'was like any day
Bright with sun and children at play
Secrets none in the mystery play
The child stood and stared into the flame
No one intended
Nor was there one to blame

The sweet beauty and scent of wonder
Filled the air
Off in the distance sounds of thunder
A creature trapped in the snare
Battled with foes not seen
Yet to awaken from the dream

The child eyes wide with yearning
Captured the light without discerning
Wrong and right
In the moment, serene and clear
The child stood strong without fear
Draped in light

As the storm drew near
Flashes of lightening danced in the air
And a soft rain began to fall
The child seemed unaware
Content to stand
Even as the flame flickered

With the storm raging all around
The child still stood its ground
The flame extinguished
No longer drew the child's' gaze
Yet, still the child stared
Its clear vision not glazed
Drops of rain flowed down its face
Like giant tears

Not of shame
Nor from blame
These words I've written
The story of a child once innocent
Now forgiven
The only crime committed
Was my own

It was I who took the child's' hand
And together we walked into the cave
A shelter from the storm
How was I to know
The child would change
And never be the same
How was I to know

Things are different now
The child no longer stares
Instead of watching
Now compares
The moments of being
And being fair

Each passing storm
Ages the child
Who once stood staring
Watching the flame of life
Dancing in the eddy currents of choice
Now, the child-man waits
Wondering if the flame will again be extinguished
During a storm of uncertainty

I try to console and assure the child-man
For I have seen the flame extinguished and re-ignited many times
And taking shelter is not abandoning
It was not just hard and painful
It was devastating
Realizing my aid opened the child's' eyes
To fear and hope

There would be no funeral
Nor wake in passing
I closed my eyes and let the child die

Another day, another time
Another child will come
Who knows not my crime
Whom I might love some
As we wait for the thunder and lightening to ignite the flame again


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