They Are Called Time-Less Because They Never Sleep.

I had fallen once into the abyss, the void while forgetting. It was a really interesting sensation. Sort of how you'd feel if you'd jumped off a mountain and half way down decided that maybe it wasn't such a good idea. Well, that despair feels like nothing compared to the void. The void never ends. And every thing falls. Forever.
I invented stories which I used to craft a space of time. My favorite story (so far) is about the Before.

It seems like there's only one Before, since Time insists upon continuity, but that is just the illusion. The void has no time. 

The First Before: 

The sensation was uh... sensational. Quite unlike any before. The last before awakening. I found myself without form and lacking definition. And I had the distinct feeling that I was descending into/through the clouds. The air itself appeared more substantial than my own being. I wasn't frightened. Fear can not arise unless there is a perspective/contrast and this was, after all, my first experience. It was exhilarating and awesome.

As I continued my descent, I became aware of other substantial things that appeared and disappeared. A fleeting glimpse of light followed by interminable darkness. In retrospect it was all so self evident. Eventually I stopped, or so it seemed. The rush of experience began to slow and the bolts of stimulation became gentle trickles. I began to collect my self. The more I gathered and looked the more I discovered myself dispersed over an incredibly wide area. It would take forever to pick up all the pieces. But there was little else to do and so the task seemed not only possible but perhaps trivial.

Finally, one day, I had assembled enough of myself to begin examining the 'other', the 'outside'. It was then that I discovered the puzzle/game. 

The Puzzle: 

It wasn't very complicated nor even intellectually profound. It was merely a simple puzzle, like a jig-saw puzzle. All I had to do was to place the pieces together and ... That's how it started. It became an obsession, of course. Looking every where for an elusive piece or trying to fit two pieces together that just wouldn't fit. I was successful in that I did manage to create a complete continuum. I was not ever sure though if I had really solved the puzzle. And as time would tell  I continued to look for the 'one' piece that I was sure existed, somewhere, sometime. I suppose I always wanted to believe that solving the puzzle would somehow complete something.


Many events later (time was still not invented), I thought about the void and it's meaning/value. This caused quite a
stir. The puzzle flew apart and my own 'substance' began to evaporate. Clearly, I was not as solid as I appeared.
By now, I had experience and contrast. And I understood fear. Not that I was afraid, rather that I could anticipate. I re-called my past and re-membered my-self. If there was more to existence than the void, I was
certainly going to find it or 'dissipate' trying. As the last charges were re-leased, I real-eyes'd my gruesome folly. In front of me, the fabric of reality began to unravel. I found myself asleep.


This morning came like all the others. The noisy dawn ripped apart the night and sent it into the never. The shadows rushed forward before being forced to retreat. All around, the sounds of clamor and work gathered the idle and imprisoned them in guilt. I gratefully shook away the dreams the had come to entice me. And very consciously I began to think. I was alive, or at least that's the name I gave it. After all, I was only a collection of chemicals that although quite sophisticated, was none-the-less only atoms and molecules. A clever arrangement, perhaps even divine. I was a puzzle and someone was trying to put me together. I extended my reach and felt
myself begin to evaporate.

Now and Then:

Time had come and there would be new realities to discover. I followed the others into the ocean and became aware of a subtle difference. As the others became immersed in 'life' I found that no matter how I tried, I was not able to immerse myself. I could follow them and could mostly understand/communicate with them. My 'head' though would/could not be immersed. Try as I might. I felt dis-embodied sort of. The human form I was inside of seemed quite able to immerse itself. But my thoughts and experience continued to arise from another place. At first I felt dis-abled and sought help/pity. Then I felt en-abled and sought to teach and guide. Then one day it happened. I found an idea that certainly did not come from the ocean nor from chemicals.

The vessels:

They were assembled and integrated as fully as possible. Every detail attended. Every dream suspended. Singular in purpose. Intelligence the curse. They were formed of a-toms designed to cushion the blow, the effect from stopping. The impact of standing still can break a soul without protection.


The void was closing, making that awful sucking sound. I could almost believe that the void has some sort of
intelligence or awareness. Someday (after time is named) I'll investigate the void and determine for my self whether there is any such thing as intelligence.


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