The Child


One day a child appeared within our myst. Common and plain the child was as any Other. At first, we observed the child, not knowing who or what the child was. The child grew with us in grace and beauty. All was well and IT
felt good. Time passed, in years of moments, seconds slipped into the rest. We never asked but somehow knew the child would leave us and might never come back. Such wonder in 'her' eyes. Then on the DAY that we knew would
eventually arrive, she spoke to us in words that we could barely understand. "I am not like you" she said. "I am of stuff that will never exist. I come from the place that gives you your imagination." We listened but were not able to hear the joy/sorrow nor see the tears of ever day in flower. Without regret, she left that day, and as she did she placed this gift in our trust.

We missed her presents (presence) and longed for her talk. We wished her intentions still about us walked. Most
of ALL we missed her dream stories. For many years the gift she gave us lay where she had placed it, revered.
We never forgot her and often we re-membered her way and play. Then ONE day it happened. It really wasn't anyone's fault, it wasn't even an accident. There began a rushing wind and clouds of thunder roiled over-head.
A child caring, lifted the gift and as it happened, the contents spilled and slipped into the abyss. We all watched
and our hearts fell along with the gift we never openly shared. Many brave souls volunteered to go and find the present. Yet the task was clearly impossible. We did not even know what it was that was lost to forever.

Many years passed and even memories faded, the child of wonder, her gift, the joy we had forgotten now myst.
I was just a child then, innocent, pure, full of beauty within. I perhaps felt that somehow, someway, responsible for
the loss, that fate-full day. I only wanted to bring her gift inside, secure and safe from the 'awe-full' outside. 
I was just a child then. The years brought me wisdom and taught me the tears of knowing. Even though I knew
inside OTHER-wise, I believed I was due prison. I looked in-T*O the abyss and ONE-dered if in-deed
that gift might be ever found. I looked in-T*O my heart and listened for any sound. In the silence of my gaze, I saw the garden through a haze.

As I began to lose my-self, I saw a dawn of ever-else. As the light spread over the flowing grounds, I glimpsed a shadow, a form I re-called, familiar, and then, the sparkle of a child's' eyes stared in-T*O my heart. I wasn't sure, but inside felt that It wasn't my 'fault' and somehow, this child of my dream-vision was giving me permission to again realize that I was a child despite the age I wore in disguise. In tears of forgiveness I blabbered-forth, the gift, the
child, is here of sort. Those I knew gathered round and looked. I wore the gift that child left. In that moment, all time stopped. And there began the story of never-forgot. 'T'was joy I wore and the robe was lined with love. In the stitching were flowers and the seams woven in light. I understood then why the child left this gift. And how we lost it.

I am very much older now and the child has returned to join us. We had to lose it ALL before we could accept ourselves. The abyss no longer exists. For this was the child's home. She had left US so that we might someday know the bliss of being never alone. She had changed US in ways we could never have known. And with that I closed my eyes and sent my child to play in the sands of time with the ONE-der-full child whose name we never knew. 

There is probably more to this story and perhaps someday I will write it down. For now, this moment, I am completely sure that the child's name is Eternity and WE are the child's GOD-parents. We are SO ever great-full for her present.


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