The Beast


Dreams are only for pretending that you might loose the game.

It all started as a child's game. We really intended no harm.
But we felt you should know.

The rules were made up as we went. It was so much fun wondering
what would happen next. And then getting totally surprised.
There were never any winners or losers. Just players and dreams
and all the other stuff. It was wondrous and awe full. It was
love and growing. Until the day we grew "God". Something happened.
The game seemed to have a 'life' of its own. We could not stop it.

No big deal at first. Generally we only play once a 'season' and
we didn't quite know what to do with the game so we hid it in a cave.
Surely it will have exhausted before next season. Despite its self
motivation it is still finite. The players seemed unhappy with the
game and the dreams were just plain dumb. And 'God' was nowhere to
be found except in the minds and hearts of the players.

When the next season came we sought the cave and were 'astonished' by
what we saw. The players had grown a 'Son' of "God' and the players
were imitating us. Except they were cruel and un-thought-full. They
manipulated and contrived. They were 'god-like' in their knowing
and they found wisdom in their questing. Worse yet they have become
us in idea (even if their interpretation was a 'little' off). They are
now part of the 'consciousness'. The wonder of it all was rapidly
becoming horror.

Now you're probably wondering why I'm telling you this. Well, the game
reached out and touched me. If you look closely you can see the mark
of the beast on my hand. The others were touched as well. They have
since fallen asleep and I am not able to awaken them. I also am
falling asleep and fear I also will not awaken. Please, see if you
can ...

I examined them and each had a mark of the beast. It appeared
as though an infection of sorts. I could clearly see the
tendrils and wispy threads moving into their forms. This 'beast'
was deadly and dangerous. And I am just a child like them ...

It was a most interesting daydream. I often have them, daydreams,
that is. One God is enough, thank you.


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