A Truly Awe Full Story

a Flower. 
T'was forever ago, when first we met.
You were a flower of awe, and I was, I was
going to cut you down to grace the table of God.
I never gave it a second thought.
After my work was done, I returned to the garden
and you were gone. I stood there a while and cried.
My tears fell upon the ground, washing the bits of you away
into the dirt and clay.
My God, what had I done. You were to grace the table of God
Instead you died alone.
I wanted to die, but was not allowed to bury my shame.
I gathered your remains still there and put them in my pocket.
A stream.
We met again, a gazillion years later.
You were a stream, flowing free, fresh, and clear
full of joy, blushingly dear. I rested beside you
and dreamed of a garden of flowers, always near.
I was to dam you, to create a great lake, a second chance
I was told to 'correct' my mistake.
How could I corral you, how could I deny your freedom to flow.
There must be a problem with the orders I was told.
I went back to check them but when I returned you were gone.
And in your place just a bed I found, where once you had lain.
I felt in my pocket and carefully withdrew the bits I carried.
Oh how I loved you. I placed them gently unto the ground
and covered them with the soil where the stream had once been.
In life.
We met again many times. Each and every instance brought
tears to my eyes. I was condemned to watch you struggle
for life. Unable to help you despite my tries. You'd
grow into glory, only to die.
A dream.
One day a stranger came to find me in my hiding place.
I wondered why, how did you find me ? Too ashamed to
show my face. You said we had met before in a garden by a stream.
You said you had come to finish the work of dreams.
I don't know why but I asked you to leave.
We dance.
Now and then I'd recall the moments of my being. The ways
of my seeing and the worlds of my dreams. I grew in wisdom
and allowed life to enter my soul. I wondered about the stranger
and the garden and the stream, until my cave of darkness became my grave.
To know.
I awoke one day and noticed a faint light. It was so far away
I wasn't really sure if it was there. I tried to close my eyes
but the light remained. Each and every time I looked the
light appeared the same. When suddenly the sky opened and
there appeared many lights of every dream that might be.
I wondered "What does it all mean"?
A chance.
I went often to the garden to walk among the flowers
radiant in the light. Each and every blossom brought memories
of that awe-full sight. I so loved you dear flower and
now I tend your children as my own. The moment of my choice
would haunt me, dis-graced to walk alone. Just my dreams and
the love I knew keeps me from turning to stone.
I stopped by where the stream once flowed so clear and free.
I could almost hear your waters gushing and bubbling and
all I could do was wonder, is this all just a dream ?
Once upon a time, a child's story was told. A fairy tale
of wonder about flowers and a road, beside a stream fresh
clear and cold. There was found a traveler who had stopped
for a rest beneath a towering tree. The light filtered through
the leaves dancing upon his face while he slept and dreamed.
He had thought himself a companion and the world grew and
grew 'round his soul. Covering him with flowers so
that he would not be cold. His eyes would someday open
and the sights that he would see. All around his wonder
danced eternity.
I looked out one day and discovered that I had learned to play.
I gathered the dreams of every one and placed them in a garden.
Before long a flower a-rose and it's awesome beauty caused me
to cry tears of joy. I could barely compose myself and laid
down to rest beside the stream of my joy.
A Flower
A stream
In life
A dream
We dance
To know
A chance
Our awe full story is to grace the table of God.


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