Are We Alone?

This topic seems to generate lots of comments, so here's yet another treatise. The concept alone can be applied to various domains. As in: alone in a room, alone in my meditation, alone in/with my ideas, etc. 

In this context/domain we cause/allow the concept "alone" to require all interfaces/interactions to contain some portion/idea of alone. This might be generalized, as there exists some part/idea that is "alone", and other parts/ideas have been touched/affected/infected by "alone". 

Values systems in this context/domain would have varying degrees of "aloneness". If there exists a concept of "not alone" then "alone" is not a member of the domain/context. Values systems in this context/domain would have varying degrees of "not aloneness". 

Because both of these are arbitrary labels for a value system, asking the question: "are we alone?" has no answer but rather a set of definitions/elements that can be applied to a context/domain. Humans seem to have learned "alone" and are "denied" access to the "not alone" value systems. 

The presence of "alien" life forms is a "forced/allowed" side-effect. Since humans can not communicate as "not alone" beings (i.e. GOD) then "most everything" is "not me" (alien/unknown). Beings/forms certainly do populate planets (earth is an example). The conscious state/level of these vary. The idea of GOD would suggest an intelligence permeates the very substance of existence (GOD stuff). This intelligence would then be available to any other intelligence. 

The question, "are we alone?",  is merely a distraction, a novelty. We are alone, at least this universe, and we are alone because that is how we began/begin.


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