A Funny Place

It was a funny little place. Not bad mind you. Kinda like a dewing morning, when your feet get wet walking through the grass. Thatís how if felt being there. Like you had stuff on you that slowly dissipated. Leaving you dry but changed in some subtle way. A wrinkle or cleansing something for sure. It was my first time there. Seems to imply that Iíll be there again or have already before this storyís been written. Time is so confusing. Takes senses to make anything out in the haze. Without senses the place is an empty haze of distant lights that seem unreachable no matter where you step. It was very fascinating to be on the inside. Senses revealed worlds uncountable in lifetimes and substance unreachable and ungraspable. Amid the myriad forms, light danced the tendrils of thought. Igniting awareness and understanding. Awakening survivors. It was hell as far as I could tell or maybe the inside of the stomach of where I had been. You never can be sure about where exactly you are. It took me nearly forever to get inside and outside figured out. And sometimes it takes that long again when I get too involved or into the moment. Seems when I was uhh... growing up, or something like that, I took nearly forever to do anything. The others, well a lot of them popped early and said something about getting it. Getting what??? How was I to know? I didnít even know there was something to get, let alone figuring out how to get it. Digression is fun but of limited consequence. That funny little place. Let me tell you more about it.

Hidden there is this incredible tool, awe some, an under statement. Itís a bit hard to describe. You have to be there to experience it. I guess it makes the tool a pain to get to. Kinda like blackberries and roses. It like a back door out of the inside to another outside. Now everyone knows the outside can only have a finite number of insides and another outside isnít possible or even worth mentioning unless you have lots of time. And an inside can have an infinite number of outsides. But in normal reality they all end up to the same last outside, a sort of first outside. Clearly the tool revealed another outside that had no clear connection to normal reality. It had more than an infinite number of insides, each inside having infinite outsides that donít end up in any first outside if they end. And that wasnít even the half of it. In one of those trails was this... thing. I havenít a clue yet what it is. Probably take me forever to figure it out. Oh well, another deep one. I think Iíll get it though. Just like those who got it before me. I just hope it doesnít take forever. But then again, Iím still here and they arenít. Is getting it worth the effort? Itíll take nearly forever to figure that out. Who knows if that thing is still here after all that, just might be worth figuring it out. Does getting it mean not ever going back? Itís been nearly forever a whole lot of times and no ones ever come back. In that funny little place all kinds of creatures were getting it, a rushing river of them. A few came back, or so it seems. There is another outside they all proclaimed and all you have to do to go there is to die. Dying is a celebration on some worlds. Stories written about all the many ways of dying and some of the more interesting and fascinating ones have names and stature. After acquiring a body, I did the die thing several times, both by accident and on purpose sort of. I was rather surprised to discover it took nearly forever. And nothing happened other than the body losing function. The brain did its shutdown while consciousness evaporated into the haze without its senses. At least thatís what happened to me and... well that river was going somewhere and whatever they got I didnít. God, The Light, Peace, Love, glorious names for something. Well Iíve got some figuring out to do. See you again if you're still around. Iím not sure how long nearly forever is in your time. Oh, and thanks for the great time. It was grand to spend it with you. I learned to laugh in that funny little place. And art, and music, and story telling, and a whole bunch of keen stuff to play with, when I get some time.


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