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2010-2011 Five Questions,The City of Light, How to Turn a Fantasy into Reality, The road we travel, Like every dream it had its moments and then..., And what is God


The Gift Molecules Dream #2 Dream #1 The Last Dream A Garden

2006-2007The Three How Far is Far? AToms' Place The Shy One The Hole Story The Simulation How to piss off God (or not) The Hardest Thing  Happy Birthday Waiting for La La

Pre-2006 A Funny Place Are We Alone? A Truly Awe Full Story The Beast The Child Completely Creature The Day Magic Disappeared A Most Lovely Hello having to start all over again Nowhere A Fair The Real Life Drama On AOL The Real Life Drama On AOL Part Two The Real Life Drama On AOL Part Three The Real Life Drama On AOL Part Four When The Flowers Were God Why I Came Here The Story Of Goo The Hardest Thing I Have Ever Done and Other Poems Hueman The Human Syndrome The Journey To Paradise The Kidlin The Last Kind Once Upon A Time The Long Way Home A Tale Of Six Children The Machine #6 In Search Of The Original Just Another Day My Home My House My World Moving On Of Absolute Value Dear One The Trouble With Bliss Life Is A Dance Life Is Mystery Stuff Very Near The End Of Time Mystery Stuff 2 Adoring You The Polishing The Purpose Of Life Quotes By Tom #1 Quotes By Tom #2 Quotes By Tom #3 Quotes By Tom #4 Quotes By Tom #5 Someones Dream A Special Creature Star Drive The Story Of God According To A-tom Stones Story #1 To Anyone Interested Don't Call Me, I'll Call You The Ticket Stub Heavens Valley A Whole The Forest Cottage You and I Know Better Legacy Art Does Not Require Repair Just Another Day In Paradise Incredible Journeys Never Begin The City The Gift The Lab The Machine #6 The Test How I met the Three My Name Is Tommy The Traveler The Story Of Everything A Simple Story About A Universe Who Would Have Thought? Yet Another Passion Play A Lingering In Every Legend A Meditative Slumber Am I Wasting My Life? Back Then Being There Dreams Away Eye Bright Children God Doesn't Do Rework God Doesn't Need Help How Much Longer? If You Live Long Enough You're Bound To Die I Hardly Think Of You Now #1 I Hardly Think Of You Now #3 In Our Journey It Came To Pass In Those Days It's A Long Way To Paradise I Was Having Fun Knowledge Comes Wrapped In Mystery Life Closes In Listen My Body Longs For A Teacher My Word For All It Is Oh! Magnificent Earth Our End The Rock Group You Never Heard Self Sacrificing Suns Sleepy Stories The Only Children: A Story of Love, or The Fool and The Idiot Meet The Lingering The Lingerling The Most Friendless Of Creatures The Smar Tapes The World Ahead The World Of Women And Men My Wish: To Love The Only One When I Die Why Be God When You Can Be A Human 

New Writing from 2012-2014 will be posted between now and March 2015